As if you were there and spoke the language

We aim to create the result you would want if you could be there yourself and were familiar with both the language and the culture.

Examples have been support in foreign languages and representation in foreign countries or at overseas events. Langtron personnel have supplied accounting and secretarial support and contract management services. The company is often called upon to source commodities from around the world and has assisted in contracts involving coal, textiles and various types of fresh and frozen food, as well as miscellaneous representation and purchasing services.

In some countries we can provide representation using nationals of that country, although we also have a number of expatriate English staff that are based overseas.

In many disciplines skills can be obtained from specialist sources, but many of these can be academic in style and background.




Langtron prides itself on its practical approach and the flexibility of its agents. We do not employ linguists, but traders with language skills. We do not retain computer operators, but many of our people have extensive computer knowledge, and know where to obtain specialists when required.

We try to be generalists, not specialists and pride ourselves on our versatility. We also try to relate to our clients with their problems and manage their requirements in a practical and cost effective manner. Our charging structure is totally flexible, and will be agreed before any assignment
is accepted.