People & partnerships

Many people have worked with or for Langtron in different areas as and when required. A number are more frequently involved, some longstanding associates of Langtron are:

Peter Cunnington: Once English, but has been resident in Italy for so long that even Peter is no longer certain of his present status. Peter is an experienced trader and marketing representative with particular expertise in plastics, toolmaking and furniture.

Alf Reed: Alf is a leading expert in corporate security. He has advised many companies in all areas of risk management and product integrity and has representation in many countries around the world.

Helen Matthews: Helen now lives in Sardinia, where she runs her own language school; but divides her time between Sardinia, mainland Italy and England. She is experienced in most office and secretarial functions and competent or fluent in all major European languages. She has established a formidable reputation as an interpreter and as a translator of specialised material.

John Macdonald: John was a company director for many years with particular expertise in marketing, product development and quality. He is now a well-known writer of business books on a number of subjects, and quality in particular. He is also a regular contributor to business magazines and journals. John is an entertaining speaker and is a popular lecturer and educator.


Ian Matthews: A practising chartered accountant for many years who also enjoys life away from the abacus and has demonstrated his versatility by becoming involved in a variety of commercial activities.

Ruth Matthews: Ruth is an ex-school teacher who has redeployed her various skills as an office administrator. Ruth is fluent in French and competent in German and Italian.

Sally Usher: Sally has travelled widely, but is particularly connected with Sardinia. Her original background as an estate agent makes her particularly useful to investors in overseas property.

Overseas Partners

TDO Projects (Germany and Europe): TDO is a partnership specialising in marketing and exhibitions throughout Germany and the European Union. They have carried out a number of projects, successfully, for our clients.

v/o Sojuzpromexport: This Russian multi-national is based in Moscow. We have excellent connections with their UK subsidiary, and through that company have direct connections to the senior management. The company deals in many areas, but is particularly strong in minerals, chemicals and specialist textiles.